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Cayenne Tea: A Spicy Brew for Good Health

Many who are familiar with cayenne pepper know it for its culinary uses as a burning spice used to make spicy dishes. However, what many do not know is that the powder that is derived from the cayenne plant can also be used to create a spicy blend of tea as well! Many who enjoy and appreciate spicy dishes or drinks will also appreciate drinking cayenne tea, not only for the peppery flavor but also for the many health benefits that tag along with this drink. Cayenne tea is certainly not as common as some other brews that are available on the market, but many are very surprised to learn of the list of benefits that can be reaped from drinking it. This tea has been shown to help with respiratory health, circulatory health, digestive health, and the list goes on. If enjoy exotic teas and are looking for a new way to improve your health naturally, this tea may be exactly what you need.


Heart & Circulatory Health

There are a few cultures in various parts of the world that have used cayenne pepper tea as a way to help improve the health of the heart as well as the circulatory system. As a result, some studies have been undertaken to help better understand how this tea can improve the health of the body.  Drinking cayenne pepper tea can help by removing harmful plaque that can build up in the arteries. This is good because it lowers the chance of arteries getting clogged which can lead to serious issues like heart disease. It also helps by removing harmful toxins from the circulatory system and improving the health of red blood cells.


If you are looking for an herbal tea that can help aid you with digestive problems, cayenne pepper tea can help with that too. A cup of this tea can be beneficial in stimulating the production of digestive enzymes as well as help encourage a poor appetite. Furthermore, drinking this tea can help heal and prevent painful stomach ulcers. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea make it great.

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Common Cold & More!

Another great benefit to drinking this tea is that it can help relieve some of the ailments and symptoms of the common cold. If you find yourself stricken with the common cold, a warm cup of this tea can help ease a sore throat as well as relieve feelings of congestion. This tea can also be used for easing headaches and migraines which can also be a symptom of a cold or flu. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of this tea can also help to prevent illnesses and fungal infections if consumed regularly.

Preparation: To prepare cayenne tea, take one tea bag and allow it to steep for 2 to 4 minutes or until the desired strength is reached. Sugar, honey, or lemon can be added if desired. It advised to consult a doctor prior to drinking cayenne tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or currently prescribed to any medications.

Further research continues to uncover the many benefits that can be taken advantage of by those who drink cayenne tea. This spiced drink has also proven to be good for many other things aside from the aforementioned advantages such as detoxifying the body as well as helping to prevent certain cancers. If you are interested in giving this uncommon yet healthy tea a try, you may be able to find it in the tea section of certain health food stores. However, it may be more readily available and more convenient to purchase this tea on the internet from online tea merchants.

Cayenne Peppers For Better Health

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